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A Convertible Sewing Machine Cover

Here's what been on and in and around my needles this week: Convertible Sewing Machine cover I love to fix up old or discarded sewing machines to resell and I came across this one for sale on Facebook: Kenmore Sewing Machine The woman let me have it very reasonably because she could not get the tension right.  I wasn't sure I could, but it's such a beauty I wanted to try.  With some thorough cleaning, and adjusting and smoothing out, it works like a dream.  I would even say it hums!  It sews so much like my Janome that I had to look it up.  Sure enough, this Kenmore model is made by Janome.  Very heavy duty.   I wanted to protect it and have a good mat, so I decided I would make a convertible machine mat that, when not in use, could be used as a cover.  It needed to have pockets for my needles and goodies, so I designed it with some.  Here is what I did: You will need: 3 fat quarters, cut into 2 1/2" strips 1 piece of batting cut to 19&qu