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Universal Embroidery Clip Frame Review - Did I like it?

  When I started Cross Stitching again, I had such a struggle holding the hoop and seeing the holes.  Many of you in my age group (eye roll here) have found the same.  I am planning to review one item that seemed to help me. The Lzttyee Universal Clip Frame that I bought on Amazon.   Let me tell you how I chose it. I have watched numerous Flosstube videos where ladies have a Lap Stand that clamps to their hoop.  I thought that might make it easier for me if I don't need to hold the hoop.  They are beautiful but not in my price range at this time, so I saw this one and showed my husband saying, "This may help me and it's just over $20".  He immediately said, "Buy it!"  So I did, and here is how I like it and what I learned. It came quickly in a tidy package, but there are no instructions in the bag for putting it together.  So I went back to Amazon and peered at this photo to see how to assemble it: Good.  Assembled and ready.  In the reviews there were a fe