Universal Embroidery Clip Frame Review - Did I like it?

 When I started Cross Stitching again, I had such a struggle holding the hoop and seeing the holes.  Many of you in my age group (eye roll here) have found the same.  I am planning to review one item that seemed to help me.

The Lzttyee Universal Clip Frame that I bought on Amazon. 

 Let me tell you how I chose it.

I have watched numerous Flosstube videos where ladies have a Lap Stand that clamps to their hoop.  I thought that might make it easier for me if I don't need to hold the hoop.  They are beautiful but not in my price range at this time, so I saw this one and showed my husband saying, "This may help me and it's just over $20".  He immediately said, "Buy it!"  So I did, and here is how I like it and what I learned.

It came quickly in a tidy package, but there are no instructions in the bag for putting it together.  So I went back to Amazon and peered at this photo to see how to assemble it:

Good.  Assembled and ready.  In the reviews there were a few complaints that removing the aida, the sharp clamp tore the fabric.  Having read that, I decided I would use a pattern I have and not so expensive aida (from Hobby Lobby).  Also, I added fabric strips between my fabric and the clamp.

I did forget to add it on the bottom clamp.  (oops)  

My son came and solved the sharp clamp problem.  He simply took the clamps outside and rubbed them on the concrete to curve them off.  They work great now, even though I still keep the fabric on as a protection.  

I finished the project that was set up on that frame:

It is "China Blue" from the magazine:

Ultimate Cross Stitch, East Asia Vol 25 2020  ↩ that should take you there.

And started a new one:

All in all, I give this frame a 👍Thumbs up!

Let me know if this frame works for you.  Some can't reach across and under it well, but I stitch on it with two hands, dominant one under and other on top, so that's not a problem with me. 
 I did make a YouTube video and hopefully you can see it here:

Thank you for visiting my Sewing Room and I hope you come back!


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