Making a Collage Quilt

    Making a Collage Quilt

Last year I took a class with Loretta Orsborn of Loretta’s Quilting Bliss and I just loved it!  It was an exercise in design, color and balance.  We had so much fun and everyone’s quilt came out beautiful that we requested she make a paper pattern so others can enjoy this technique, too.  
Well she did!   
The first thing she had us do is find a focus fabric or theme that we wanted to follow through in the quilt.  Then gather up fabric that will match or enhance this theme.  I wanted to use fabric from my stash and for the most part was able to.
Then we were taught to make a strip set of 1 1/2” fabric strips from fabric that we plan to use throughout the quilt.  That was the fun and easy part.  Then on to the designing.
She provides in the pattern a wonderful grid to help us design and use all the fabrics we want.  I chose to make mine in batiks that I have been collecting up for a few years.  I wanted a fall theme so I found a nice border print fabric that I could pull out pumpkins and squash and falling leaves, etc. from.  With the guidelines in the pattern grid I was able to make Section 1 of the series.  It was so fun!  
Some of the girls chose to use orphan blocks and tie them together.  They are beautiful, too.  One on the pattern back that Loretta made from old linens is just beautiful!

I have since made the last 3 sections in this series and when it’s all quilted I will show you all! 

If you would like copies of this fun pattern, I have them both in my Etsy store here, and on Ebay, here.  So gather up your orphan blocks, favorite scraps and get started on this wonderful fun quilt!


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