Finding my Stitching Spark!

 I love to Cross Stitch.  I really do.  But...  I have lost my desire to stitch, sew, create - everything!  

How do you find your Spark?  Please tell me!  

Yesterday I posted a YouTube video asking for suggestions:

So do you have any suggestions?  I have already received quite a few, and good ones.  I'll try to get to it next week to write them out on the blog. 

Just gathering up everything in one place has helped.  The one shown on the thumbnail of the video is what I've decided to work on.  It's easy and , perhaps, can be done quickly.  Having not picked anything up since February, it will take me a while to see what I have, where I am on the chart and all that fun stuff.  

This is what I am planning to work on:

It's called "Strawberry Harvest" by 

Stitches Through the Years.

I am looking forward to having this reminder on my wall!

This is how far along I am:

I started it in February of this year and really thought it would be my next finish.  But I guess it really will be!

I bought the PDF on etsy at "Stitches through the Years" shop.  Very nice pattern and easy to print and download to put into my Markup R-xp App.  I'll have to blog about how much I like that App at some point.  

I'm stitching on a beautiful lugana that was gifted to my by a very nice woman I met on Instagram.  I've never stitched on Lugana but it does feel so soft and nice!  What nice people are out there!

I have a nice chart holder that I like to use, even if I'm using the app.  I can zoom in on the app, yet look at the chart to see the bigger picture.  This is the one I like:

That color apparently isn't available anymore but they apparently have a beautifully embossed black one.  I've inserted the link to that:

Knitter's Pride Magma Knitting Fold-Up Pattern Hold

When the project is small, I can keep all my bits and pieces right in the pocket.  It fits a hoop, floss and other bits.  I fold up my fabric and put it in the middle when I'm moving it around.  

Wow, just writing this out has given me a bit of inspiration!  How do you find your spark?  Please comment below and give me some ideas.  I'll share them with my followers!


  1. Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog. I really appreciate it. To get my, "mojo" up and running I look at a ton of You Tube and sometimes spend a day blogging around at other blogs. That sometimes gets me to the point to wanting to try something. Right now it's requests from family and friends to get something done by a deadline. Good luck.

    1. And Thank you for commenting. That is a good suggestion! That is what I am currently doing - Let's hope I spark :-)


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