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My 'Me Made May" 2019

Have you signed up?  Me Made May has slipped by me for the last few years.  Don't get me wrong, I have enjoyed the posts of my friends and others but just not joined in.  Somehow I had the impression I had to have the goal of wearing something I made everyday of the month.  I don't have that many garments that I have made.  On reading the site this year I realized I could make my own goal!  I based my goal from this suggestion on the site;  
  • pledging to finish all your UFO's by 31st May if the sight of your UFO pile has been weighing you down.
My pledge:   To make and finish and wear 1 garment a week during the month of May that I already have the pattern and fabric for.

So here's the rundown.  
Last week I finished this skirt:

When we started unpacking from our move, I found this fabric wrapped around some milk bottles from my husbands collection. (Yes, he used my fabric as padding when he felt he needed some). It is a beautiful brown suiting I bought in a tailor shop in Ecuador and it was just the right amount for a skirt.  In the pictures I took it looks a little gray, but it is really a taupe brown with black threads throughout.  Seeing the picture, I am not happy with the quick hem.  I think I'll unpick it and hand sew it.  hmmm.

I took the Blueprint class, 
Patternmaking Basics: The Skirt Sloper, link here

It really helped me get the fit I needed at the time.  Having lost weight, it wasn't hard to adjust for my new (permanent!?) size.  

The challenge I didn't know I had, that I discovered while measuring, is that most patterns assume your measurement from the waist to the fullest part of your hips is 9".  Mine is 7".  That answered a lot of questions as to why patterns from the Big 4 don't always fit right.  That's an alteration you need to take on the paper pattern, not after the skirt is made.

These are what I have planned for the remaining 3 weeks of May:

1)  I've had this pattern, Simplicity 2614, since about 2010 and bought this beautiful sheer fabric more than 6 years ago.  What intrigues me is that the pattern has a choice of cup size up to a D, so no FBA necessary!
2)  I want to make a knit skirt out of these cute swirls on brown.  I think this New Look 6101 will fit this fabric nicely.

3)  I've had this a few years, too.  I have already made this top and it has such a nice flow that I want another.  It's so easy to wear.  This sheer fabric will definitely need a camisole under it, but the colors a scrumptious!

So, those are what I am hoping to complete for Me Made May!  They don't really fit together in a Capsule Wardrobe, but my goal for now is to use what I have. 
If I have any spare minutes in the sewing room, I plan to work on my grandson's fox quilt.  That, hopefully will be done before mid June!

Please comment if you've had any experience with these patterns, sewing with sheers, or just want to give an opinion!  

Now - to the sewing room!


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