The Finch Bucket Bag is a Winner!

Have you made a Bucket Bag? I hadn't either so when I saw Stitch Mischief's make-along on Instagram, I wanted to join in!  Now this isn't just any bag. The Finch Bucket Bag is a large project bag that can carry a large amount of yarn, or beach supplies, or even overnight supplies. I fell in ❤️ love.  

Here is my finished bag...

Isn't it nice and roomy...     

If you want to get the pattern, just click here :. 👜👜

And another thing- I didn't fully understand there were prizes involved with a make along.  And I won! First prize 🥇 really!  This is my prize:

Treehouse collection from Figo Fabrics. 

Isn't it wonderful fabric! Stay tuned to see what is made with these!


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