Making Yogurt in my Instant Pot

I love my Instant Pot?  One reason is yogurt making.  I decided to record how I do this today for my memory and for others that may want to try it.

My ingredients:

Whole Organic Milk, half gallon
Good plain yogurt, about 2 heaping Tablespoons
Optional:  1 capsule each, Culturelle and Bifido Biotics (or probiotics you like)

That's it!

Pour the milk in the pot

Press the Yogurt button, then press adjust and it should say, Boil.

(I know it's hard to see, but it says boil)

Now you can walk away.  Don't put the lid on.  It will stop when it has reached temperature.  Next is the hard part:

Let it cool down.  I let it cool to room temperature and don't give it much thought.  Others recommend checking the temp to between 110 and 115 degrees.  I don't worry about that.  I used to, but have found I often forgot to go back at exactly the right time, and since the pot heats it back to the right temp it still always works.  Then I can knit, watch tv, clean, whatever while I'm waiting and not feel pressured to get back on time.

Now it's cool. In a cup mix your yogurt and the emptied capsule of probiotics.  Pour some of the cooled milk into the cup and stir until smooth.  Pour that into the milk in the pot and gently stir in.  
Put the lid on, press the yogurt button again and it will set for 8 hours.
Since I generally start it in the evening, I just go to bed.  You don't have to worry about it until you get up, even if it's more than 8 hours.

(It says 8 hours)

You now have nice creamy yogurt!

I now go one step further.  I bought a  Greek yogurt maker (actually the Euro Cuisine GY50 Greek Yogurt Maker) on Amazon so I use that.  I put my yogurt into that and set it in the fridge for about 6 hours or longer.  

Then I turn the screen portion over on the lid, let the yogurt fall out naturally and it's so nice and thick you can slice it with a knife!

Save a little for the next time you want to make yogurt.  You can put the little jar in the freezer and use it when you want.  



  1. That is Soo disappointing! I hope you can get that resolved! If you do end up keeping it, they do clean up easily. Some people say the silicone seal picks up the smell of the last thing cooked. I wash it every time with my dish brush and Dawn, just a quick wash and haven't had that problem. And if occasionally there is a scent, it doesn't seem to affect the next dish. I use mine every day!


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